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How Long Does A Divorce Take?

The amount of time your divorce will take depends on several factors, most importantly, whether you and your spouse both agree to all terms of your divorce. If you do not have children and you agree to all terms, and you both sign the same divorce petition, your divorce could be final in about three months, following the court’s mandatory 91-day waiting period.

If you and your spouse do not agree to all terms, the court may order you to attend mediation to resolve your disputes. The length of time for completion of your divorce will then depend on how long it takes to settle all issues.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

The cost of your divorce depends on several factors, such as whether you and your spouse have children. The cost may also depend on whether you have disputes to resolve. Speaking with an experienced attorney at the beginning of your decision to divorce can help you get a better idea of the cost for your divorce.

Do I Have To Hire An Attorney To Get Divorced?

You may file for divorce on your own in Colorado, however, the best way to protect all your rights in a complex divorce is to work with an attorney. Often when going through a divorce, emotions can get in the way of decision-making. An experienced attorney can help you sort through the uncertainties and help you establish a secure financial and emotional future.

How Do We Decide Parental Responsibility?

The Colorado family court generally requires parents to submit a written parenting plan addressing how they intend to address their parental responsibilities, parenting time and decision-making for their children. Parents may file a full or partial joint parenting plan or file a separate parenting plan. If parents cannot agree to the terms, the family court will develop a plan based on the best interests of the children.

How Do We Figure Out The Right Amount Of Child Support?

Both parents are expected to financially support their children. The amount of child support is a complex court-ordered formula based on both parents’ income and the amount of time the children spend with each parent. A software program calculates the amount of child support using data such as the monetary income of the parents from all sources as well as basic expenses, including child care costs, health insurance, medical costs, educational costs, among other expenses.

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