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Estate Planning Can Protect Your Family From Uncertainty

As a top estate planning law firm, we help families to thoroughly and fundamentally handle important legal life decisions. At the Jones Law Office, LLC, we offer individualized and attentive services to our estate planning clients in order to craft effective and comprehensive plans that will help them achieve their goals.

Plan For The Present As Well As The Future

Many clients come to our office focused upon preparing an estate plan that establishes a legacy for themselves and their family. However, the importance of short-term planning should not be undervalued. We help clients prepare advance health care directives, also known as living wills, and durable powers of attorney that specify requests and determinations regarding medical decisions on your behalf.

Retirement Planning

In addition to protecting your assets for your family after death, it is important to construct an estate plan that also protects and distributes your retirement assets during life. Different retirement accounts have varying rules and regulations regarding their maintenance and distribution. It is important to consult with an experienced will and trust lawyer to discuss which options are available to you. We work with CPAs and other accountants to ensure that every interest you have in your retirement account and its distribution in your estate plan is made clear.

Wills And Trusts

Most commonly when clients are interested in preparing an estate plan, they are concerned about protecting assets and providing for loved ones. Not preparing a will, or preparing a will online without the consultation of an attorney, may leave your estate vulnerable to misinterpretation or unintended distribution of your assets. A will and trust plan must be specific to your wishes, and done in the proper manner, in order to be considered legally viable and executed appropriately.

Planning For Probate

Preparing an estate plan may help your loved ones avoid probate and protect the interests of your family legacy. We help families prepare simple and complex wills depending upon the size of the estate and the interests that deserve protection. Creation of trusts may also be necessary to achieve your goals. We have formed a variety of unique estate trusts for clients including irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts and trusts to minimize estate taxes.

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