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Domestic Violence: When The Police Are Called, Someone Will Be Arrested

In Colorado, if the police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute, someone is going to be arrested. Police and prosecutors take these cases seriously. So do we. With more than 20 years of criminal law experience, we know how to successfully defend against charges of domestic violence. If you have been accused of this crime, our team at the Jones Law Office, LLC, can help.

Domestic Violence Penalties

In domestic violence cases, one of the first challenges is the restraining order. The accused may be prevented from returning to his or her home and from seeing his or her children. We understand how to deal with restraining orders.

In addition to the restraining order, the potential penalties for domestic violence include jail time and fines. Enrollment in a domestic violence treatment program may be necessary. A conviction on this charge also prevents possession of a firearm. People who hunt or who work as security guards or in fields in which a firearm is necessary will find themselves forced to make serious changes. With the help of an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer, these repercussions may be avoided.

Domestic Violence Defense Strategies

Many of these charges are the result of heat-of-the-moment incidents and the alleged victim may attempt to have the charges dropped. The prosecutor may not drop the charges, making it necessary to enlist an attorney. We understand how to handle these issues. We also know how to deal with cases in which false allegations are made by spouses to gain leverage in divorce or child custody disputes. We will create a defense strategy to get you through this.

Contact A Knowledgeable Family Violence Defense Lawyer

When you have been accused of domestic assault, you can count on us to mobilize quickly, providing the aggressive and affordable representation you deserve. If necessary, Tracy Jones will meet with you at home or in jail. Call 303-469-2340 or send us an email.